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Friday July 6th 2018


Rants N’ Raves

Dear Thyroid Thyrants and Thyraves

In June, Dear Thyroid introduced Thyrants and Thyraves, a compiled post that’s posted on Saturdays. Each contains entries we’ve received from the previous six days, solicited all week long via:

In 35-50 words or less, we want you to rant and rave to your hearts content. We want to celebrate your successes and catch you when you’re falling.  Write and submit as many rants and raves as you wish, about how you’re feeling in that very moment about your thyroid disease or thyroid cancer, and how it’s affecting you, both good and bad.

As our prolific community says: Regina, “A Thyrant a Day Keeps the Straight Jacket Away” and “A Thyrant a Day Keeps the Prozac Away”. Lisa,”A Thyrant a Day Keeps The Thyrroihds Away” Chris, “A Thyrant a Day Keeps the Cancer Away, to name a few.

Thyrants can include what you dealt with the previous week, yesterday, or what you’re dealing with today; something you just need to get off your chest, or something that’s difficult to express to the other people in your life. Your rant or rave can be broader too, snippets of your thyroid story.

Because, let’s face it: sometimes we aren’t in the mood to write or record a Dear Thyroid Letter or Thygraph to our thyroids, and these blurbs can be just as healing and cathartic. Protecting your privacy is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO US. Therefore, we will only post your initials.

There is no limit on how many Thyrants and Thyraves of The Day you can send in, so keep em’ coming, and if you haven’t had a chance to submit a full letter yet, use this as an opportunity to get your feet wet. We love reading your submissions, each and every one.

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