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Monday June 17th 2019



Dear Thyroid Awareness, Outreach, Support

Dear Thyroid is a Thyroid Literary Support Community. Our community is comprised of,   extraordinary, inspiring, life affirming, witty, clever and brutally honest thyroid patients. We welcome new members with open glands.

Our objectives are clear: Support, elevate, catch each other when we fall, laugh a lot, and cry, and be there for each other,  — free of judgment. Additionally, we seek to,  create awareness by giving voice to our diseases, be it thyroid autoimmune diseases, thyroid diseases, thyroid cancers, thyroidectomies and those born without thyroids, among others.

Thyroid disease affects teens, women and men. The devastation we as patients feel, is as horrific as it is for our families and friends. Our lives are derailed. We fight to reclaim them and for our families to reclaim theirs.

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